Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ocean Salt - Review!

Hey Beauts,

So today I'm bringing you a review of Ocean Salt from LUSH which is apparently a face and body scrub that brightens and softens your skin! Time to give you my honest review (Mwahahahaha)!
Now if I were to talk to you in terms of this being a body scrub, I would literally tell you to not bother wasting your £13.25 and instead go and purchase Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub at £8.00. To start with the tub doesn't last very long. I got about half way and realised it didn't really do anything. Yes, my skin felt soft, but not too much softer than normal and I loved the feeling the salt chunks left on my skin, but the product continued to decrease rapidly and I really felt like I'd wasted my money. The smell was beautiful and absolutely refreshing and awakening for a morning shower, but again I couldn't justify the smell of limes and vodka (Yes, you heard right) or the feeling of salt on my skin for £13.25. 

I had wanted this product for so long, I'd heard so many good things about it and I was so disappointed when I used it, which is why I put off writing this post for so long. But then I discovered something which changed everything! :D One day (and half a tub later) I realised you could use this on your face. That is wear my opinions were completely turned around with this product.
It's quite a face-stingy product. The Salt. The Limes. The Vodka. But it does an amazing job at clearing away the dead skin, the salt means you can really feel as though you are exfoliating your dead skin away and getting rid of the dirt your face has claimed. The Vodka soaked limes do a great job and refreshing your face and really brightening your complexion and finally the avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed really leave your skin feeling soft and happy again after the sting of the salt, vodka and lime.
What's more is after using this on my face, I discovered that you hardly need to use any and it lasts so much longer, meaning it is actually worth the £13.25. The smell is just an added bonus and really awakens my senses in the morning. Lime just smells pretty amazing and is great at kick starting my brain. Although as I said, It is quite cleansing and I wouldn't recommend using this more that 2-3 times a week - It will probably leave your face red raw. 

This is a very dis-jointed review, I know, but that is just because it isn't exactly the softest product. It hurts slightly to use, but it does an amazing job! Especially if followed up with the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish. If you enjoyed this post, or the rest of my blog remember to follow on GFC and Blog Lovin' so you don't miss anything and remember to comment down below and tell me if you have tried Ocean Salt before? Did you get along with it? and did it sting your face too? <3 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. Sounds like an interesting product! I have pretty sensitive skin though so I'm not sure if I would want to use that as a face scrub!
    Great review!

  2. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds like a good product! I love your blog ;)

    -auré xoxox

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  4. I haven't tried it but your review was super useful so maybe I'll get it when I run out of my current scrub! :)

  5. I really wanted to try this as a body scrub, but I think I'll pass - although you've tempted me with using it as a face treatment x

  6. I love soap and glory's breakfast scrub! They do they best scrubs ever. I usually use st ives scrub on my face but I'm tempted to try this!
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

  7. This scrub looks really good, I think I'll have to take a look at it next time I visit Lush!

  8. I've been wanting to try that for ages! Might pop to Lush now!

  9. Seems like such a lovely body scrub

  10. It's a shame you didn't get on with it too well- LUSH usually pull off and are sutible for sensitive skin! Oh well, it wasn't too expensive so at least it wasn't a massive loss :-)
    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  11. I love this, it reminds me of the seaside and it does a fabulous job on the face as you've said x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  12. Such an interesting product! I've heard a lot about it. Might have to check it out now :) x Heroine In Heels

  13. I've tried it before and it's such an amazing product! Great review!

  14. I'm glad you found a new purpose for this, glad it makes a good face scrub, weird having vodka in it tho!

    New follower here :)


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    Thanks ;)

    Lois G.

  16. First of all I love the name of your blog! Elephants are one of my favourite things in the world, iv even got a tattoo on my arm. Secondly I love ocean salt, I used to work a lush and used to recommend this to everyone, apart from those with sensitive skin of course. I do agree with you in the fact that it's not the best body scrub in the world, I prefer rub rub rub for that, but as a weekly facial exfoliation it does it's job well!

    Gemma ButtonsBlog

  17. Hey there :) After reading this review I actually think that I need to try this out. I'm already a fan of lush products, great blog.. You have a new follower xx

  18. I have never tried this particular product of Lush but I've been using for quite some time "Let the good times roll" as a face scrub and "Rub Rub Rub" as a body scrub! I absolutely love these products and I would absolutely recommend them xo


  19. I tried this and it definitely does sting a little bit! + for some reason it kept breaking my chin out and around my nose =/.I just put it down to my skin type as I'm prone to spots anyway! It smells nice but its quite strong, got a kick to it lol (quite headachey in a way) xx

  20. lol oh my gosh I'm so glad I found this review. I don't have a Lush where I live and I was in Vegas for last week. Both Lush stores I went to tried SO HARD to sell this product to me!!! Oh my god, like every single associate I talked to wouldn't stop freakin pushing it on me. I told them no eventually because honestly, I would never pay that much for a salt scrub...salt dries your skin out--it's only the oils that help. I will admit that I liked the feeling on my hand, but when they suggested I put it on my face I was like okay we're done here. I'm glad you say it works really well though! I love scrubs in general. Long term use, you don't think it will break you out? I have a sample of it, I guess I will try it on my face now. Cross my fingers right?

    I'm gonna follow you (also cause you have a cute doggie). Join my Korean makeup giveaway at Sample Hime =)

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