Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Let the Good Times Roll - Review!

Hey Beauts,

Let the Good Times Roll is definatly one of those products that is like Marmite - You either love it, or you hate it. According to LUSH it is supposed to scrub and soften your skin, but today I'm here to give you my opinions!

A lot of the beauty world (and the people that hate this product) believe it to be very gimmicky in terms of the popped pop corn layered within the product and whilst this is quite gimmicky and takes up space where product could be - I didn't actually find that much popcorn within my pot of Let the Good Times Roll, so it really didn't bother me. I did try to use the popcorn as exfoliator but as soon as I put it to my face, it fell in the bath. I also feel as though this product was breaking me out (Which I have heard it has done in other reviews) as after every time I use this product I would end up with one or two more spots, which really isn't great.

Onto a few pros though. First off - It smells amazing! Like vanilla cake mix! It literally makes my mouth water every time I use it, especially when applying it under the nose area. It also feels super lovely on the skin and would definatly agree that it is a gentle exfoliator as you can feel something rubbing against the skin, but it is no where near as harsh as say Ocean Salt. It does also leave the skin super soft to touch and super clean, it even have this lovely squeaky clean feel as well which I love. A little bit of the product goes a long way so at £6.75 for 100g, it lasts a while and is well worth the money, especially for a product like this (If it doesn't break you out).

This is a great product if it doesn't break you out and so I would definatly recommend getting a sample size of this before buying the full size, but it is lovely nonetheless. Have you ever tried Let the Good Times Roll? What did you think? Did it break you out? and doesn't it smell amazing?! Leave a comment down below to let me know and remember to follow on GFC or Blog Lovin' if you aren't already. Until next time, 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. hi there!

    what a lovely blog post !

    great blog you have here keep up the good work :)

    would be great to see you over on my blog

    Jade xx

  2. I bet this smells really yummy but I do like quite a gritty scrub like the Ocean Salt - so I don't think this would do much for me! x

  3. I love lush products, I need to give this a try!

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  4. I've never tried any Lush products but I'm tempted by this just for the vanilla cake mix scent, haha. :) It's a shame it broke you out a little though!

  5. Looks very interesting :)

  6. That sounds amazing! I love Lush – not only because of the fantastic smell! It's vegan AND cruelty free.
    Thanks for sharing!

    ♘ ♘

  7. It sounds very good, have to try it

  8. This sounds amazing, have you ever tried the 'angels on bare skin cleanser; that's one of my favourites from lush :) x x