Friday, 27 March 2015

'Think Pink' - Review!

Hey Beauts,

So If you follow me on Instagram - here you will know how much I have been absolutely in love with baths at the current moment. Every night (unless I fall asleep early) I will be in the bath, reading books for hours on end and my best companion for this has been LUSH bath products!

This little beauty is called 'Think Pink', and you guessed it - It turns your bath water a lovely deep shade of pink. After a while, multi-coloured confetti hearts appear as if my magic to give your bath that extra bit of loveliness. The scent however is the best part of this bath bomb as it has an amazing scent of candy floss with a hint of vanilla and is perfect for when you're feeling all girly. Whilst I do love this bath bomb, I do think there are better bath bombs available and LUSH's bubble bars are even better. It retails at a lovely £2.65, lasts for one bath and is quite simply wonderful. 

Have you ever tried Think Pink before? If so what did you think of it? if not, what are your favourite LUSH products? and what bath products should I try next? Leave a comment down below letting me know. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, remember you can follow this blog on BlogLovin' and GFC so you don't miss out on any future posts.

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. I really like this bath bomb, it's great to say it's one of the cheaper ones :)
    My favourites would have to be sex bomb, twilight and then the really fun ones like luxury lush pud, golden wonder etc. it's a shame they don't have some of them all year round though. I suppose it's a good thing though :) xxx

  2. I love bath bombs, my favourites are Big Blue and Honey Bee! Never tried Think Pink but it definitely looks nice. x

    Life of Jana

  3. I love the sound of this, I love baths too! I'm still hoarding all my Valentine's ones like love heart and unicorn horn, but won't be able to hold off for much longer!

    Lucy x

  4. Such a lovely colour! I'd love to try this bomb ;)

  5. Omg this is soooo cute, too bad we don't have Lush in Greece! :( x

  6. I've never tried Think Pink but I'm obsessed with Lush... and just look how pretty that one is ;) Great review lovely!


  7. Wow, looks great. ^^
    Have a nice Easter weekend. New outfit is online...

  8. Lovely post! :)

  9. Looks like it smells amaaaaaazing :)

    Danika Maia

  10. I always think that if the color pink had a scent it would be what this bath bomb smells like. haha I really love Ultrbland from Lush. :)