Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy 2016, What has been going on & Resolutions!

Hey Beauts,

It's been a while hasn't it really since I have sat down and blogged regularly - well that is about to change. I am so determined this year to stick to my goals and new years resolutions. On top of that, I finally feel a calming sensation coming over my life at the moment as it has been so hectic lately, let alone for Christmas, but my partner and I have moved into a much nicer place with much nicer neighbours! More on that later... 

So because I failed so much on last years resolutions, this years are pretty much identical so let me get copy & paste out....(don't worry, I have edited them slightly)

1. To lose weight! I saw something on Facebook the other day that went 'I wish I was as skinny as the first time I wanted to lose weight' and by god it is true. I am about 6 or 7 stoner heavier than when I first wanted to lose weight, which is quite sad really seeing as how I was probably only about 12 at the time. But this year, I am so determined to feel happy about myself and whilst I don't want to lose a huge amount, I just want to feel happy and confident with myself.  

2. To blog more! I love blogging. Not only to communicate with you beauts, but to look back on my thoughts of products or memories that I would have written down. I could come up with infinite excuses to what happened to my blogging streak I once had (lots of work hours, broken computer, moving out and laziness) but now it is just about starting over and trying again with more willpower! Plus, I have much better lighting in this place than I did in my little flat. 

3. To talk to people more! I feel so bad that I am getting on with life so much that I forget to talk to friends. People that I never see anymore from back home and people that I work with on a daily basis. Even though I talk to people when I see them and everything is great, I really feel as though I should try harder at being a great friend by letting my friends know that I am thinking about them and that I love them.

4. To save more! The past few years I have just spent my money willy nilly as part of me felt as though it gave me more freedom. Almost as if 'I've earned this money so I can buy all the nice things'. However I have learnt that to grow up, I need to learn to save money, for financial security and whatnot. Or at least spend it on things that will help me along in life! 

5. To start learning to drive! I had two driving lessons once and really enjoyed them. Driving comes with it much freedom too. Not having to rely on public transport or others to give you lifts. Whilst I am not planning on getting a driving license or even a car this year, I can at least attempt to get better at driving.

I feel as though this year will be my year to shine with my new year resolutions and I think that is down to setting small yet achievable goals and not setting one massive goal for the end of the year that seems so unachievable it is unreal.

For example, for losing weight in January;

Week 1 - Just get up and move around more, not necessarily exercise, just walk to the shops and work etc..

Week 2 - Get up and do 5 minutes of high intensity exercise each day. It is only 5 minutes, It is not exactly the most difficult challenge of my life - but it will help.

Week 3 - Do 5 minutes per day as in week 2, but also two extra 25 minute low intensity workouts (maybe pilates or something).

Week 4 - Exactly the same as week 3, but push myself harder in the workouts and make the 25 minute exercises more intense.

However, this was catered for me. I'd say more about eating healthier but as of right now, we don't really have a kitchen at the moment. So I am saving the 'eating healthier' goals for February when the kitchen is in and beautiful. I cannot wait!

As for moving out again - We've moved out! We have moved into a much nicer property, a detached bungalow with lovely old neighbours. I cannot tell you how much I have missed central heating as the flat only had electric heaters. The rent is exactly the same and yet the bungalow is much much nicer and I am over the moon.

So there you have it. I hope my beauts and readers of this blog enjoyed this post - I don't really tell you much of what is going on in my life so I thought this little update was needed. I would absolutely love the hear your thoughts on new years resolutions and what yours are if you have any, so leave a comment down below letting me know. If you aren't already and would like to be, remember you can follow on BlogLovin' and GFC so you don't miss out on any future posts.

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. I love love love how you've split up your goals into weeks with mini more achievable goals and how you;re going to do them ! I'm definitely going to take your example and sit down and do this for all of my resolutions :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

  2. I'd really like to save more this year as well, usually I'm pretty good at not making impulse purchases but sometimes...a nice coat or something along those lines will get the better of me and it's awful for my savings!