Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Body Shop Lip Butter - Review!

Hey Beauts,

So a quick review today of The Body Shop Lip Butters! I owned one of these about 5 years ago and discovered the empty pot of it just before Christmas which in turn made me remember how much I used to love these Lip Butters! After purchasing 3 more and trying them out again for the past few months, I am ready to give you my honest opinion! 

As you can see in the picture, I ended up purchasing the Mango, Shea and Coconut flavours, they came in a set of three but can be purchased separately for £4 each. Not bad for 10ml worth of product. The flavours can certainly be smelt/tasted when using them and are very true flavours for what they are representing and don't taste artificial at all. Along with that, the formula of these isn't sticky, which is a bonus as sticky things on the lips personally annoys me and just ends up making my hair sticky too. The product lasts on your lips for about 10 minutes in a pale white colour before disappearing, which again in my opinion is great because if you use it before applying make up, by the time you get to putting lipstick on, your lips will be perfectly soft. 

Now don't get me wrong, this product does leave my lips lovely and soft if used on a regular basis, but from reading other reviews and my own personal experience, if your lips are already chapped and flaky, this product won't help at all. It usually just forms balls of lip butter and dry skin on your lips and to me, it sounds and feels disgusting. I highly recommend having one of these in your stash for an everyday basis, especially one that tastes beautiful (such as the mango one) but also having something like Nivea for those days when your lips are chapped and need some extra care! 

Have any of you tried The Body Shop Lip Butters out? And if so, what do you think of them? What is your favourite scent? And do you have any other lip balms that you think I should try out? Leave your comments down below so I can hear your opinions! If you enjoyed this post or any others that you have read, don't forget to follow of GFC and Blog Lovin' so you don't miss out on any future posts. Until next time; 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. I haven't tried this, but I've heard a lot. Not sure how I feel about it though. Sometimes I have really chapped lips and I would want a product that works.


  2. I bought the mango lip butter and although I love it, they dry out rather quick so I now have half a tub which is pretty much unuseable :(


    1. I've found they dry up but you just need to warm them up and they melt again. Have you tried blowing a hair dryer on it for ten seconds? :)

  3. I love the Body Shop lip butters, my favourite body shop product is the body butters though, they're amazing!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  4. Hey Ellie! I'm obsessed with the Body Shop's body butters but I've never tried their lip butters, although for £4 it's practically a bargain so I'm not sure why I don't already own one? My lips are really dry and chapped most of the time but I would highly recommend Burts Bees lip balm in the little yellow tube if you haven't tried it already? Makes my lips soft and plump in an instant!

    Ps, Body Shop are coming out with body sorbet moisturisers in July! I'm opting for mango too, haha!


  5. I had the Mango lip butter and it smelt sooooo good! And it was quite good at moisturising but I did find it to be a bit useless during winter when my lips get really chapped

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.