Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 001 - Review!

Hey Beauts,

So I'm back and thought I would write a little review on my favourite lip stick at the moment, the Kate Moss lipstick in 001 by Rimmel. Why is this my favourite lip stick at the moment you may ask? Firstly, I love a good red lip and secondly, if I get compliments about looking great with a red lip, I will continue to wear that same red lip that receives compliments! Who doesn't love a good compliment?! I certainly do! And lastly, this colour is a perfect dupe for my favourite red MAC lipstick in Brave Red. As much as I love feeling special when wearing my MAC lipsticks, I really don't want them to run out! This lipstick definatly serves well for an everyday lip! 

So what is it about this lipstick that I love? Well to begin, the price isn't arm breakingly bad, at only £5.49. I could buy nearly three of these for the same price as my beloved MAC Brave Red. On top of that, this lipstick really is 'lasting perfection'. From 7am in the morning when I first apply this lippy to about 3-4pm in the afternoon when I look in a mirror and this will still be on my lips, the same deep rich colour, even after eating and drinking. and to top it off, I'm talking to people all day where I work, so it isn't as though my lips don't move all day! When this colour does start to wear off (finally) it leaves a lovely (it's not that lovely) red line around my lips, almost as if I would be wearing lip liner. But as long as you reapply at the right time, it really isn't a problem.
As for application of this lipstick, it glides on smoothly and is such a creamy formula meaning it does not dry your lips out and you don't really need to put gloss on top for a shiny finish as it really is good enough on its own! The lipstick itself also has a very pleasant smell and is just an all round amazing red lipstick. 

I hope you enjoy a red lip as much as I do, and I really suggest trying this colour out if you don't know where to start when it comes to red lips as it definatly won't break your bank balance! Comment down below of any other great red lipsticks that you think I should try out? and if you did or didn't get along with this lipstick? I'd love to hear your opinions! If you enjoyed this post, or any others that you have read, please remember to follow on GFC and Blog Lovin' and I will speak to you again soon! <3

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. oh my gosh, that red looks so gorgeous ♥
    I wonder how it'll look against yellow tones (:

  2. This is my favourite red shade lipstick! The colour is gorgeous and it really lasts for hours. Actually, all the lipsticks in Kate`s collection are great, but this one stands out (at least for me, a red lover)

  3. Gorgeous red! Already tried it ;) xx

  4. Sounds like a great red lipstick. A dupe for Mac! That is impressive.

    Bright and Shiny

  5. love this shade - you should put up a photo of what it looks like on!! it looks great in the tube!


  6. I have this shade and I must admit it's one of my favorites. It's beautiful. Great review! I love your blog and have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks for sharing.
    The Hopelessly Optimisitc

  7. It is a beautiful shade of red. I have heard loads of good things about her lipsticks.

  8. I've used this collection before and i really like it!
    Jess x

  9. I love these Rimmel Lipsticks. That red colour is fantastic! My fave is 101 - its in a red case and is rosy pink in colour - it smells delicious too!!