Saturday, 4 January 2014

A little tiny fashion haul!

So the other day I popped in the car and went up to Sheffield to go shopping at Meadowhall. For those of you out of the UK, Meadowhall is an out of town shopping centre and it is huge! When I went it was absolutely heaving which wasn't really that fun as it felt quite claustrophobic and tight, but nonetheless, my boyfriend and I had a great day out! 
To begin with, I looked around New Look, H&M, River Island and Topshop but didn't really find anything that I like, nothing stood out to me as 'I MUST HAVE THAT NOW' and the stuff I did try on just made me feel fat and disgusting. Following this, I went into Victoria's Secret not expecting much. With their angels looking so stunning in their promotional images, I didn't have high hopes for anything making me feel great in my size. I found a pair of black yoga pants with an coral band around the waist and went to the dressing room. (Side note: The dressing rooms are BEAUTIFUL) I slipped a leg in and my heart skipped a beat. They were comfy and slid on easily! I pulled them up all the way and thought 'Maybe I could try the next size DOWN!' Although I didn't want to knock my confidence any more so I just bought them! (RRP:£30 Sale:£14.50) Bargin!

Following this I took a trip into Cheapio Primarni (Primark) they had aisle after aisle of sale items and certain corners where they were bringing out new stock for the new year. Now I went in to primarily buy some black cami tops (£2 ea) as the best ones are from here. I have quite a long body, so they fit really well, although when I got there there was only one black one left in my size (gutted) but there were lots and lots of colours in comparison to the last time I was there, so I picked up a beautiful blue shade too! I then discovered some waist high burgundy jazzy pant leggings and picked them up. They fit really well for how long my legs are. I needed some new black shorts and discover these beauties, the detailing is gorgeous for the price tag (£12) and the fabric is thick and the same quality as you would see in River Island.

I then took a glance at the new stock, finding this dress! (£10)

There is a short story behind this dress. I tried it on in a size one too small and loved it so much I walked around the shop for no joke; 40 minutes trying to find the rack of them to find the last one in my size. I absolutely love this dress! I'm in love with how it pulls in at my waist and flows over my tummy. I really like how the arms flick out too, bonus! I then stumbled upon this cardigan (£10), it's just a basic, creamy white coloured cardigan, super soft, which I could throw on under a coat or wear about the house when it's chilly.

Now you can't leave Primarni without looking through the Jewellery / Accessories aisle. The only jewellery piece I unearthed were these earrings, really simple yet distinctive. I know some people have a problem of wearing crosses if you aren't religious, however I am Christened and that is good enough for me! 

I really just love how long chains look mixed in with hair! So I'm really pleased with this purchase, especially as they were down from £3 to a single £1. 
As for accessories I was in the middle of queuing to pay and that's where they always catch you out! I saw this pup and couldn't leave him there being all on his own. He is now keeping my phone warm, look how cute he is! His name is Harold!

Anyways, that's all for the fashion picks of this trip! Tomorrow I will post the beauty products of this trip that I picked up!

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. I love the cardigan! It looks so warm and soft, perfect for just chucking over any outfit over the next few months!

  2. Love the earrings! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  3. I love that dog phonecase!! I have that cardigan and I love how snug it keeps you:)) I have to be careful when hanging it up using a coat hanger so that it doesn't snag the knit.
    Milly xx
    P.S I've followed you on GFC, just found your blog:)))

  4. Aw what a cute phone cover!!! Seriously I need one of those lol xx

    Grace / FROM THE MOON