Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A start to start all starts!

Hello 2014, my names Ellie and this is my blog! 

At this time I don't exactly know where this journey will take me but I do know one thing and that is that it will be fun. My one and only new year resolution is to have fun! If something is getting me down, making be cry or upsetting me, I will forget about it, do something that makes me happy and just be happy! 

Now when I said I only had one new year resolution I kind of lied. It has little sub categories like all the little individual fishes in a school of fish. I love to travel and this year I want to travel more be it in Britain or Europe. It's just fun to travel, explore new places and discover it's little treasures so that's that! Secondly, I would quite like to enjoy running. The thought of running right now just brings with it the idea that everyone will look at me a think 'gosh that fat chick shouldn't be running' but I'm trying not to let what others think invade my life, which bring us to number three, not to let what others think ruin what I want and enjoy to do. It's my life and if I continue to let what others think of me get me down, It won't be much fun. Fourthly, I'd like to read more. I've completely neglected reading the past two years and I miss the adventures books used to take me on and the creations and images they would create in this little brain of mine, and finally, I'd like life to be a little more organised, clean and tidy. As much of a mess my life is, if my bedroom floor is too messy for too long I will freak out, scream, shout and panic until it's cleaned up. So no more shouting from me please!

There you have it, my one new year resolution! 

Have an absolutely amazing 2014 beauts and make it one to remember! 

happy, Be beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. I agree with what you said about just having fun. People worry so much about what people think of them or get let down by things that are small, but really life is short and you should really try to enjoy every minute of it. I hope you had a great New Years Eve and I wish you the best of luck and happiness in 2014 :)


  2. You're so lucky to be able to travel to so many places living in the UK!! I'd definitely take advantage of that too :)!! I also wanted to get into running about a year ago and signed up for a running program at a place called The Running Room in Canada - you go out running with a small group of people which was awesome because you didn't have to run alone and they know of nice, safe running spots around where you live. Maybe they have something similar where you live? :) When I see people out there running on trails or the road though, I think of how motivated they must be to be out there, taking time out of their day to achieve whatever goal they have set out for themselves :) Try not to worry too much about what others might think about it - easier said than done I know hey haha - but you're out there doing something for yourself and that's awesome!

    Happy New Year & good luck!!

  3. Really lovely new blog, have just started following :) I started up a new blog on 1st January as well, haha x

  4. Really love your blog. Was wondering how did you get the little social networking site things above your picture. Being trying for ages.
    Alice of