Thursday, 16 January 2014

Little mini Boots haul

Hey Beauts, 

Today I bring you a little beauty haul I did a couple of days (Just over a week) ago when I popped into boots (Naughty Naughty).

The make-up picks from my trip were mainly to cover the hype amongst the blogging community. The color tattoo in On & On Bronze (RRP £4.49), Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 01 (RRP: £5.49), a lighter shade of the Lasting Perfection Concealer in light (RRP: £4.19) because mines gotten a bit too dark in the winter months and a Scandaleyes precision micro liquid eye by Rimmel (RRP: £5.49). I'm just really bad at liquid eye-liner and never wear it so hopefully this should help!

The swatches for On & On Bronze Color Tatoo, 01 Kate Moss Lipstick and Scandaleyes Liquid Eyeliner in black!

Now I've never understood the Soap and Glory hype before - I've always thought it was overpriced amazing smelling goodness. Whether that was because my mummabear always said they were too expensive and that fixated in my brain, or I looked at the price and thought '£6.50 for some shower gel - no way! I can get that for £1' - But now I've seen the error of my ways. Look how big they are! Highly reasonable prices for the size of the containers, especially when they're on 3 for 2. So I'm very glad that I finally made these purchases!
I picked up the Smoothie star breakfast scrub (RRP:£8.00), Hand Food (RRP: £5) and the Sugar Crush body wash (RRP: £6.50)

On to the nail polishes! 
These were on offer - Spend £6 on Barry M and get a free limited edition nail polish. (The one with the silver lid is limited edition.) These retail at £2.99 so I had to spend 2p more to get the offer  (Damn you Barry M) so I just bought a third one! From left to right the colours are - 340, 347c, 354, 352. Barry M polishes in general are amazing and I strongly recommend these if you love glitter nails!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of these products? and what are your opinions? If you enjoyed this post and want to read more - do so and remember to follow of GFC so you don't miss anything else! <3

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. I've been on the hunt for that breakfast scrub! Can't find it where I live!

  2. You got some great stuff! Lots of products I use and love xx

    Jasmine Cara

  3. I love On and On Bronze! Such a lovely colour :) x Enjoy your purchases

  4. hey there! love these posts:-)
    because i love your blog so much i nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    the rules and questions are on my blog
    Lauren xox

  5. The lasting perfection concealer is a god send! Annoying how expensive it has become because of all the hype though, it used to be like £1.99!
    Great post

  6. I'll have to invest in some Barry M nail polishes as I am a huge fan of glitter nails and all the colours you have bought look so lovely! Jealous!

    Birds in Blossom x

  7. I have one of the nude Kate Moss lipsticks but it is too dark for my skin. This color you found is lovely!

  8. Nice haul! I hope you write some reviews!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  9. Hi Honey! Because I love reading your blog and think you are lovely, I have nominated you for the Liebster award! Details are on my blog, xx

  10. What a nice collection! The Color Tattoo eye shadows are amazing, so are everything related to Soap & Glory and Barry M... haha.. love your haul :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  11. I do love Barry M! The glitters you got are so pretty, especially the limited edition one. :)

    Love From Twinkle