Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Recent Nail Polishes - Review!

Hey Beauts,

Yesterday I posted a 'Nails of the Day' post and today I thought I'd give you a little review of the polishes that I used. I have used all of these polishes quite a bit over the past few weeks so I've definatly had enough time to formulate my opinions on these formulas.

From left to right we have Revlon nail enamel in 761 Scandalous, No7 Stay Perfect in Totally Teal, Barry M Nail Paint in 347, No7 Stay perfect in Vivid Violet and finally Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in 675 Mermaid's tale.

So first up is No7 Stay Perfect. I absolutely love this line of nail polishes and truly think that they are completely underrated! The formula is not to thick and glides onto the nails effortlessly, full opacity is achieved in two coats which is pretty much the same as any other nail polish these days and the colours are absolutely gorgeous! Here you can see Totally Teal to the left and Vivid Violet on the right. I was given these two shades in a miniatures gift set for Christmas but I owned Totally Teal in full size previously and used it up completely. The only thing I don't like about these polishes is that the brushes are thinner in the miniatures than in the full size bottles. However, the brushes are perfect in the full size (RRP: £7 EA)

Next up is Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in Mermaid's Tale (RRP: £6.99). In my opinion this nail polish has the best name out of my complete collection of nail polishes and is one of the most gorgeous shades in my collection. Let's face it, this is my most favourite nail polish I own. The formula is perfect, the glitter shows perfectly and the brush is lovely and big! This polish works best with a similar colour painted down first with this on top, however full opacity can be achieved with just this colour but it does take about 5 coats. I really love that this isn't just a blue coloured polish and contains lots of green specks to break up the blue and add a bit of dimension to the nail. Revlon nail enamel in 761 Scandalous (RRP: £6.49) is a very similar nail polish but in all purple. Although this polish contains a lot more finer glitter and more of it is put on the nail in one stroke. Full opacity with this colour can be achieve in only 3 coats but I personally like it better when on top of a similar purple shade. The only down side to this polish is that it leaves a very dull finish to your nails but a mega-shine top coat fixed that easily.

Finally we have Barry M Nail Paint in 347 (RRP: £2.99). Now I'm just going to say that it really let's me down when companies don't come up with inventive names for their nail polishes. If a nail polish has a beautiful name, I am definatly more inclined to buy it. For example, this could be called 'Innocent Fantasy' or 'Shimmering Lights', But it's not, it's called 347 (Okay, rant over).  This polish was limited edition, but I do love it. It applies a perfect amount of glitter to the nail in one coat which is perfect to add to an accent nail. It is quite a 'gloopy' polish but still applies to the nail evenly and the brush is average, a bit on the smaller side but again, dispenses a perfect amount of polish to the nail. For £2.99, I am not complaining and as this is the first Barry M Nail Paint I have owned, I am completely won over and will have to purchase more of these in the near future! 

Again Beauts, I cannot express how happy it makes me - Seeing the amount of followers I have on GFC and Bloglovin' really makes me happy - I think my boyfriend is getting annoyed with me saying 'look, LOOK, another one!' So thank you, really! I Love you guys! <3 

  Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. Mermaids tail shade looks beautiful, I can imagine this looking lovely layered over Bourjois in the navy, I've been really into my glitter shades at the moment even though Christmas is over I'm still rocking some flits. Lovely picks :D xx

  2. I'm really loving glittery nail varnishes ATM so the mermaid ones look great x

  3. beautiful glitter nail polish!

  4. I love that Barry m glitter I got it a few months ago and have used it thought out Xmas and party season xxx

  5. The Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in Mermaid's Tale is soooo pretty.

  6. these are all so pretty! im especially in love with the sally hansen one!

  7. love revlon nail polish packaging! I definitely will try this and I'll take your advice and use a top coat x