Sunday, 5 January 2014

Beauty haulin'

Hey Beauts, 

So today I've got all the  beauty bits of the haul from yesterday's post. Seen as how I'm quite new to this blogging sphere I thought I would pick up a few cult favourites that I've seen quite a few reviews on! So first up, I headed to the best place to have fun - Boots! 

I went in specifically to get the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I think I've only ever read one bad review about this product and that was because it made their skin dry, but she had dry skin anyway so this cleanser wouldn't be useful for her. Every other review has been fantastic, so why not pick it up? It came with two muslin cloths all in a cute little bag which could easily be used as a travel make-up bag (RRP: £14.75). Whilst there I needed some heat spray so I picked up the one I always buy, the TRESemme heat defence! I Love this stuff. After using is, my hair is always so soft and protected from all the heat tools I put my hair through. It was on offer 'Two TRESemme products for £7' I would have got another heat defence spray excepft this was the last one and there wasn't much choice left on the shelve, so I just picked up this mousse. I've used it once already and to be honest with you, I'm not really a fan of it. So following this, I went to check out the make-up.

The reason I picked up the Telescopic mascara (RRP: £10.99) was pretty much for nostalgic purposes. This was the first ever mascara I 'borrowed' off of my mummabear on a daily basis before school. I absolutely loved this stuff, so I bought it again to see if it is still as good as I remember it being.

I then decided to jump on the bandwagon (very late I might add) and purchase a few Revlon lip butters. These are great! On offer at 2 for £10 I bought the shades 080 - Strawberry Shortcake which is a beautiful soft pink shade and 053 - Sorbet which is a bright pink shade. The best thing about these is because they are so creamy they don't go on as bright as they look. If you are a little timid towards brighter shades, you think you're wearing a brighter shade than what it looks like on your lips, slowly helping you on your way to brighter lip confidence! As for the nail polishes, they were £5.99 on offer for buy one get one half price. The beige one is in the shade 60 - Midnight Bronze and the pink one is in the shade 105 - Dusky Rose. I haven't tried these out yet so I can't give a proper review, but the shades are stunning in the bottle and I really hope the colour transfers well to the nail.
Next up; Superdrug
I went in specifically to pick up a sleek blush. Doing just that, I picked up 923 - Pomegranate (RRP: £4.49), A beautiful dusky rose colour which would be perfect for the Autumn/Winter months. It's a bit late now so hopefully I can get some use out of it before winters over. Whilst in Boots I was suppose to pick up a nail buffer but forgot so I just picked this one up instead. And lastly I thought I'd try the BeautyUK eye liner and shadow in black and white because I'm on the hunt for some drugstore eye liners that work really well! 

Here are some swatches from left to right;
BeautyUK eye liner in Black
BeautyUK eye shadow in White
Revlon lip butter in 053 Sorbet
Revlon lip butter in 080 Strawberry Shortcake
Sleek blush in 923 Pomegranate

Following this I thought I'd check out the Victoria's Secret body Sprays. 3 for £24 or 5 for £30. Being a sucker for scents I chose the 5 for £30 option! 

Pure Seduction! 
A fruity, floral fragrance. Entice in Pure Seduction, a passionate romance of succulent red plum and sweet freesia.

Vanilla Lace! 
A seductive warm fragrance. Feel sensual in Vanilla Lace, a seductive veil of warm vanilla and sultry musk

Midnight Dare! 
Be bold in Midnight Dare, A vivacious blend of juicy raspberry and tempting sandalwood. 

Coconut Passion! 
A seductive warm fragrance. Seduce with Coconut Passion, a rendezvous of rich vanilla and warm coconut.

Mango Temptation! 
Now this fragrance is by far my favourite scent.
A tempting, fuity fragrance. Tease in Mango Temptation, an exotic kiss of mango nectar and sexy hibiscus.

Some little treats there if I do say so myself. I recommenced these fully based on the wide range on scents Victoria's Secret do, there is something for everyone! 

I went into TK MAXX next to see if I could stumble upon any little treasures and I think I did! I picked up the staple Agadir Argan oil hair treatment for £10 and a pot of Korres Pomegranate Moisturising Cream-Gel for £9.99! 

Now for my favourite part of the trip (After lunch at Nando's) I went into LUSH! I love LUSH, the scent, the products, the scent (and did I mention the scent?). I Picked up these four things after originally only going in to pick up Ocean Salt. The people in the shop weren't that helpful for once so I just sauntered around picking up everything and trying it out for myself. The bee (Named Fred) was the first thing I picked up. He was £8.55 and contains a bar of Honey I Washed the Kids soap (the best soap) and a Honey Bee Bath Ballstic which I've never tried before but only heard good things about! I then went over and picked up the Ocean Salt seen as though that's what I went in for when a sales assistant tried to talk me into something cheaper! Following the salty theme I picked up BIG. My hair is quite limp at the moment and doesn't really hold much volume so I thought why not? And popped it into my basket. On the way to the till I picked up Whoosh, smelt it and popped that to into my basket without knowing how much it was. Afterwards I was thinking 'why did I pay £6,95 for some shower gel' But I used it last night and hardly any was used, so I think that will take ages to use up and will definatly be worth the money, especially with the beautiful citrusy scent it gives off! 

Now for the final part of the trip. MAC.
This for me was an absolute achievement. I actually asked one of the ladies to match my skin to a foundation shade (Hallelujah!) I'm always so nervous in MAC. I ended up being NC15 in the mineralize foundation (RRP: £27) and NC20 in the pro longwear concealer (RRP: £15.50).

I'm so happy with the purchases I made, as I never go out and shop like this. My student loan came in this day and that's how I managed to pay for all this. Living at home has it's advantages sometimes!
In the next few weeks I will bring you reviews of some of these products if I discover that there worth mentioning! Untill next time,
Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. So jealous that you've bought all of those VS body mists. I wish there was a VS store closer to where I live.

  2. Cute post and a belated welcome to blogging and happy 2014 :) pleased to be following you now!
    I'm jealous of all your VS body mists too and of course you can never ever ever go wrong with MAC make up :)
    Cute post!
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  3. Someone really went shopping! Woah! I do love vanilla lace from VS, it's my favorite scent besides Lost in Fantasy but they discontinued that :(

  4. Love the tresemme heat defence spray too! Be careful with the salon finish tresemme, I've bought two cans and both cans went weird and it wouldn't spray out:-( great haul, you got some lovely bits! I really want to try Ocean salt:-) x

    1. Have you tried running hot water in the nozzle? There might just be a slight blockage. The product is quite sticky!

  5. Great haul, I'm in love with all Tresemme products! Be careful with Lush, though, I've had several of their products get mouldy on me and it's pretty gross. I won't even tell you what happened with my aqua mirabilis -shudder-

    By the way, I'd love it if we could follow each other. Let me know on my blog if you'd like to!


  6. Nice haul! All these products look really great. I have the Strawberry Shortcake lip butter as well and I absolutely adore it, it's the perfect shade of pink.
    Really great blog, I will be following! :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  7. Great haul! I love the packaging on those body sprays, they look so elegant. I think I might go into MAC to get matched but I don't know if I want to buy a foundation and I feel like I'd have to if I got matched which is putting me off. Lush is amazing, I agree. I almost bought a bath bomb today but decided against it since I never take baths haha.

    Angels of Arcadia

    1. Just go into MAC ad say it's your birthday soon and you need to know what shade you are because someone is going to buy it you as a gift and they need to know your shade! :)

    2. Oh what a good idea, I never would have thought of that! I might go in this weekend then. Thanks!