Thursday, 9 January 2014

WHOOSH - Review & Tips!

Hey Beauts,

Today I bring you a little review of the amazing little product here!

Now whenever I have ever been in LUSH before, I always just walk past these jellies thinking that they're just gimmicky products! Which in all fairness, they are! (It is fun using jelly instead of gel). But the other day whilst in LUSH I was on my way to the counter to pay, when I picked it up and smelt it. The citrusy scent filled me with happiness and I just popped it into my basket without thinking much more of it - until I got out of the shop and wondered why I had just paid £6.95 for some shower jelly that surely couldn't last that long! - Oh yeah, the smell!

So obviously as soon as I got home I popped in the shower to test out all my newly bought products! Now this scent is absolutely 100% gorgeous! The lemon, grapefruit and lime scents really do just fill the air around you and encapsulate you in this bubble of happiness which really wakes you up and is why I would recommend this product for morning showers, when you've finally managed to drag yourself out of bed because the scent really does energise you and wake you up.

The scent doesn't really linger on your body either, which I personally love because I can use a different scented body spray when I get out of the shower. Sometimes I just like to splurge on a product that makes me feel good whilst I am in the shower and leaves me alone once I've finished in the bathroom. However WHOOSH does leave my body feeling clean and lemony fresh all day long.

The only one downside I can come up with is the fact that this product is so annoying to handle - it is even worse than soap. It slips out of your hands - if you managed to even get the product out of the container, But there are ways in which you can combat this issue so It's not really that big of a problem.

Now for some tips and tricks!

I have to say, this stuff isn't exactly the easiest thing to use and it has taken me a couple of shower times to figure out some effortless ways to use this and discover the best way to use it. First off I highly, highly, highly recommend that you take the whole jelly out of the pot, completely mush it up and then pop it back into the pot for shower time. I get so annoyed when I quickly stick my hand in for some jelly and it takes about ten minutes to finally peel some of it out.

As for using this, there are a couple of different methods I use. I find that taking some in your hand and rubbing it across your body isn't the best way to use this product, mainly because it kept falling out of my hands and just going straight down the drain. So rubbing and scrunching this product into a bath lily works quite well, although you don't get much foam. Now the best trick I have discovered is that if you put some product into you hand, put a bath glove on over top and rub your hands together, you are left with lots of foam for very little product. 

My final little tip is to keep this bad boy in the fridge. There is nothing I enjoy more than cold shower gel in the morning to wake myself up! This may sound silly, but trust me you will love it to! You can even leave it in the freezer if you want - but I haven't tried that yet. On the website it does say you can do this so it won't harm your product. 

I do hope you enjoyed this little review plus tips and tricks! Have you discovered any ways to use this product better? Please, tell me! Also if you've tried any other LUSH shower jellies, let me know your thoughts down below!  

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx


  1. I totally agree. This bad boy is super tricky to deal with, especially because it becomes less and less firm as you use it. I haven't tried out any of the other jellies. But I'm going through a total LUSH phase right now and I was so excited when I saw your review. :D

    Viva La Fashion | Beauty + Life Style Blog!

  2. I have never even looked at these in Lush before, think i might try it sounds really good! Great review :)

    Claire x|Claire does beauty

  3. Sounds like an interesting product, I've never noticed these shower jellies before! Might have to try one - I need all the energising I can get in the morning haha!

    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  4. This looks so cool! For some reason I want to taste it :3 I am weird...


  5. Your blog is so cute! It looks like you've worked really hard on it and it's paid off, I've been reading through your posts and love the way you write (I also think you've got a little LUSH habit like me, can't beat a good bit of LUSH!)
    I've followed you on bloglovin so I dont miss a post, hopefully you can do the same? And check out my blog if you have a spare few minutes? :)

  6. I've always eyed these up too but they sound a little bit too fussy for me - especially during quick shower time!

    Now I've struck this off the list what else shall I buy from Lush?! ;o)


  7. Ooh, this sounds better than I thought it would be! It seems like such a cute product, but I figured it was super gimmicky and might not actually work well. I just may pick some up after all! The only thing that scares me about lush is that I've had a couple of their products get mouldy or start growing gross things on/in them (shudder), so I've been avoiding them for a little while.


  8. This is not only such a great review i love how you added the tips and tricks part! It is so handy! I never tried this product, but I'm curious now haha!

    xo Mélane
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  9. I've never used a shower jelly before, would definitely be something new to try! Great review :) x
    Sweet Dreams

  10. Great post and tips on how to use this, I've never tried these before :)


  11. Ohh I want to try this so much, will be coming back to your blog to read the tips again once I have purchased it :)

    Rebecca Coco

  12. I LOVE this shower jelly, it smells amazing! But I know what you mean about the slipping all over the place, the gloves are genius idea!

    Tweet Tweet xx

  13. THis sounds interesting. I don't think I have time for it, but it sounds like it works well! Thanks for visiting my blog sweetie! Would you like to follow each other? I'm loving your tips and am your newest follower. Hope you will stop by again soon!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip